Boca Raton ATA

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How It Works?

Students can take 2 classes or more per night, however, red and black belt students are not permitted to attend the first class (junior class) on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday without permission.

When in doubt ask! We are very understanding!

Recommended Training Time

Set your pace to your lifestyle. We recommend 2 classes per week. However, you may come up to 5 classes per week. See an instructional leader for details.

Our class schedule can be found here.

Group Classes

Working out at the gym is great! BUT there is no comparison to training with a group to reach life changing goals. Make your workout meaningful to a higher level.

What is Taekwondo?

Taekwondo is a martial art originally developed in Korea. Its literal meaning is Hand-Foot-Method. The ATA’s official definition of Taekwondo is “a martial art that trains people mentally and physically.”

Boot Camp

Weekends are meant for FUN! We sometimes conduct EXTRA workouts on the weekends. Fun workouts with fun people!